Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Ladies and Gentlemen!

It's 8:10am and I feel like I've entered a large arena for a spectacular show! One of Belle's new favorite thing to do with her karaoke CD player is to use her microphones to announce shows! I was online looking at a mattress pad cover that a friend recommended because Belle had a little accident in OUR bed this morning! Thank the Lord that we have a REALLY good mattress pad cover! Anyway, as I was online I hear this sweet but commanding voice say, "LADIES AND GENTLEMEN! Welcome to the show! Please join us for a fun show" She cracks me up, she sounds like a real announcer on that thing! For those of you who are wondering what "show" she is announcing, it's a show where her My Little Ponys dance of course! And you should know, I have been reprimanded multiple times for "dancing" or "singing" or even "wiggling" to the music. I am told that this is NOT for dancing/singing/wiggling, it is ONLY for the ponies in the show. "Please stop it mommy" is what I hear! Oh what it was like to imagine such fun and live it in my mind. I am so glad that she too is having fun with her childhood innocence. She is growing up more each day so I'll just keep enjoying these "little girl" moments!

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