Sunday, August 17, 2008

Our little social butterfly!

Hello everyone! I had to write and give you a mental picture of my evening. I am sitting on the front porch on Derrick's laptop watching Belle play with the neighborhood kids. She is cracking me up!!! She is hanging right with them as if she is no younger! They are rising 3rd graders, 1st graders, and then BELLE! They absolutely LOVE her to pieces! We had her come in for dinner and told them that she might have time to play a while after dinner. 20 min. later they came knocking on the door to see if she could play. She went right outside and joined the gang. I would think they would tire of her having to stay in our yard but they don't! They appear perfectly content to play here with her as I watch from the porch. She has always been a social little girl but man, we better watch out for this one! She can hang with just about any crowd it appears! She likes the older kids and they like her a lot too! Yikes! That could be good or bad! We were all sitting her talking a little and our neighbor came home/was dropped off by her boyfriend (she is 15). They kissed goodbye---it really was innocent enough---as all the kids went OOOOHHHH! I am not at all sure I'm ready for Belle to be exposed to all this! Oh my word!

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