Monday, March 2, 2009

One tired Momma!

WOW. I have REALLY been wanting SNOW! Well, I got it! I have dreamt of playing in it with Belle and I have to say that today has been all I had hoped it would be---FUN! I woke up at 6:30am this morning when Derrick's cell phone started ringing. I couldn't stay in the bed b/c I just had to know how much snow we got! I came downstairs and looked outside. (Although I haven't measured myself, Midlothian is reporting 7 1/2 inches of snow!!) I knew it would be a fun filled day! Derrick had to get to work and left here around 7:30ish. I got nervous as I always do when he heads out. I am always a little anxious about him out on the roads and I'm always a little anxious about me at home without him. Once he called and said he had made it safely I began to plan our day. We had a leisurely morning watching cartoons and snuggling. (It was STILL snowing and so beautiful to watch!) Then we fixed a yummy breakfast--yeah bacon--and I took my shower. I just knew that I would enjoy the day so much more if I treated myself to a nice hot shower first. (You other mothers know as well as I do that once the day starts it's going to roll so you can't expect to stop and enjoy a shower later in the day if you miss it early on!) After bundling BOTH of us all up (the wind was whipping and it was 25 degrees out) we headed out to play. We spent a few hours out in the white wonderland that is our neighborhood today. I pulled Belle on the sled all the way to the opposite end of the cul-de-sac to sled with some of her playgroup friends. We had fun chatting with neighbors along the way---everyone was outside enjoying the day! I pulled Belle down the hill over and over again. She LOVED it! I wish I had taken the camera but our neighbors took some pictures so hopefully I'll get to see those. After a hour or so we hitched a ride home since it was snowing like crazy and I was TIRED! I was really thankful for a 4WD vehicle and my neighbors willingness to bring us home! :-) Once home we played in our yard for another hour or so before coming in for lunch. After lunch Belle was ready to run right back outside for more. "I have to have rest time Belle", I said. She replied, "Why?" I explained that I was tired and her reply was simply, "Why?" She cracks me up! She couldn't understand why pulling her through the snow would be at all tiring for me. I love her innocence! After a bit of rest we headed back outside with Derrick. (He got home around 3:30) We sledded some more and even got to borrow a neighbors float/intertube. See the pictures below---we had a blast and we could really FLY down the hill. It was amazing how fast we could go on that thing! After a while I came in to start making dinner. My crew came inside a bit later and we are OH SO THANKFUL for our warm house. It is COLD! They are expecting near record lows here tonight...12 degrees in fact! THANK YOU GOD for heat! We had a warm cozy dinner and then made snow cream---YUM! It brought back some good memories and we have a picture of Belle enjoying hers. Derrick and I enjoyed some too and we put the "leftovers" in the freezer for tomorrow. What a great day! We've done it all! Snowball fights, snow angels, building snowmen, sledding, playing with friends, and making SNOW CREAM! I am EXHAUSTED but I will treasure the memories of these past 2 days for a lifetime. Enjoy the pictures of our adventures---I hope they bring a smile to your face as they have to mine! Love, Aimee Videos:
Snow Videos March 2009

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