Saturday, August 2, 2008

A Growing Respect

Today was a nice family day. We borrowed the Lilly's van and loaded up some furniture to take to Charlottesville. They took our Pathfinder for the day. We drove to Charlottesville and dropped off a no longer needed desk to my sister's house for her daughter to use. We picked up an old desk that she no longer needed and took that on to the Carter basement (where everything seems to end up being stored much to my father's dismay)! We loaded up from the basement to bring some things we needed back to our house. Thanks to the use of the van, we were able to fit 3 head boards (don't worry...they aren't ALL going to live at our house!), a double bed frame, a hutch piece to a dresser, a 3 year old (Belle of course!) and all of her travelling necessities. After loading up the goodies, we went out for a little bit of shopping and dinner. Then we headed back home. Our drive was quite nice as the van has a built in DVD player AND headphones! Belle was able to comfortably watch Dora the Explorer while we had a nice chat in the front seat and heard NOTHING! We were able to listen to music of our choice and not listen to D-D-Dora, D-D-Dora....yada yada yada. All in all it was a nice day. We are tired of course but it is a good tired as we feel a sense of accomplishment. I do have to say, whether you like them or not, you really must respect the van. What other vehicle can comfortably transport 8 OR carry as much furniture as you need to move? Not to mention the fact that their are automatic doors that open and close with the touch of a button (a truly nice feature when your hands are full of little person!) Most of you know that I have been very opposed to being a mini-van mom...I love my SUV. That being said, I will say it really must respect the van! That must be why almost all of my friends have one! However, Donna enjoyed driving the "Aimee mobile" so maybe a lot of the fun had to do with the thrill of enjoying a new style of vehicle for a day! I always have been a car person!! :-) Aimee

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