Saturday, July 26, 2008

A day in the life of Belle Mestler

Hello everyone, Aimee here again. I now know how to "blog" so I figured I'd share about a wonderful day I spent with Belle this past week.
As you know, I have been sick for a while with a horrible sinus infection. I am still not feeling well but have tried to do a few things here and there to keep Belle occupied. This past Wednesday we went with a few friends from our playgroup to the Children's Museum of Richmond--
We went for the show "Seussical Jr." It was AWESOME!!! The teens who put on the show were simply amazing. Belle really enjoyed all of them but her very favorite was "Horton" (the beloved elephant). She was especially thrilled when we got the opportunity to go up to "Horton" at the end of the show and talk to him. I told him he was Belle's favorite and he thought that was pretty cool. He said hi to her and she thought it was super cool! Below are some pictures from the show (Belle took many of them budding photographer!) Everytime Horton sang the line, "A person's a person no matter how small!" I got chills. They did a wonderful portrayal of Horton Hears A Hoo and as you know, I TOTALLY agree that a person IS a person NO matter how small!!! To the cast of Seussical Jr....THANKS for a GREAT show!!
After the show we went into the museum to play for a while. We are members of the museum thanks to mom and dad (that was a Christmas present for our family from them this past year) and it's awesome! Belle likes to go A LOT and it is MUCH cheaper to be a member! Check it out if you haven't's the best $100 a year you can spend to entertain your little person(s).
Anyway, then we got our coolers and had a picnic lunch in the lobby of the museum. After that we went back in to play for a while. We went to the art room and Belle painted a picture. Then she wanted to make a "craft". One of the volunteers there (a nice teenage girl) helped her gather materials to make her own boat. She decorated it nicely (yet another great use for an old egg carton!) but then came the most exciting part for me. The volunteer asked her to draw a square. She told me she didn't know how so I talked her through it. She drew a square and then the volunteer asked her to cut it out. I was like, uh, she has never used scissors...this will be interesting. Well, she did it!!!! It took a while but she cut out her square and we attached it as the sail for her boat. I was so proud of her accomplishment and she was thrilled to show Daddy when we got home that night.
As if the show and craft time wasn't enough, Belle also chose to have her face painted for the first time. She got a ladybug on one cheek and an apple on the other.
Not sure if you can see the little girl who painted her face or not but I'll tell you she was no more than 6 years old! It was crazy to see this LITTLE girl painting my little girl's face and doing a darn good job! Props to you little lady!
All in all it was a fun-filled day and I wanted to share it with you. I am so thankful to be Belle's mom and to have the resources to do these fun things with her!! Being home for the wonderful day-to-day opportunities with her is a Godsend...thank you Derrick!! She is an incredible little person and I love watching her grow and experience life. What a precious journey we're on!

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Aly said...

oh. my. god. I haven't seen a picture of little Miss Belle in a while and she's is absolutely beautiful. I'm shocked, she looks so old! It sounds like your day was wonderful!