Monday, July 14, 2008

Home Again

Hi there everyone, Aimee here. I decided to try my hand at "blogging" today. I have had a sinus infection and have been sick for 12 days. I don't feel like doing much but I can sit at the computer and type away! We are home from Beach Vacation 2008 with the Carter and Knisley parts of our family. As is tradition, we traveled to Duck, NC for a week of seafood, reading on the beach, riding waves, and trying to mesh 3 families under the same roof. Below is a link to our pictures from the week. We started out going to Va Beach for 2 nights at the new Westin hotel. Belle really enjoyed it and thought her roll-away bed was pretty special! I was sick but hung in there in the hopes that some good rest would make me much better FAST! After enjoying the "hotella" (as Belle calls it) we left Va Beach and traveled south to Duck. We arrived at the Castaways home around 1pm Sunday, July 6th. It was the most beautiful house we have ever stayed in! All of us agreed that it was our favorite. We thoroughly enjoyed the hot tub and the kitchen was a chef's dream! 2 ovens, 2 dish washers (that might have been MY favorite part) and stainless steal appliances throughout...WOW! I remained sick the entire week (YUCK!) but Derrick really stepped up and took good care of Belle. HiHo & Grampy (my mom and dad) did every thing they could to make it a wonderful week for all of us. Mary and Jamie (my sister and brother-in-law) loved on Belle and Luke and Leanna (my nephew and niece) were a joy to Belle's heart. She calls them "Brother" and "Sister" so she was thrilled to be under the same roof with them for an entire week.
Beach July 2008
All in all, it was a nice getaway and we were so very grateful to have it again this year! We are all happy to be home and enjoy the comforts of home but we will cherish our beach memories. Derrick and Belle are off to the grocery store as I type this to restock our fridge. We will spend the rest of this rainy Monday relaxing and doing laundry. Derrick is back to work tomorrow and we will all be thrown back into the real world...oh well, it was good while it lasted! Hope you are all well! Stay tuned for more DAB updates periodically. Who knows, I may really get into this! Aimee

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alyson said...

Awesome pictures!! Looks like you guys had a blast even though you were sick. Get better soon!