Friday, February 2, 2007

Why not?

About a year ago I accused my brother and sister-in-law of having too much time on their hands all because they started their own blog. Right after I did that, I knew I wanted one.

In my profession we read articles about the down falls of having your own space or blog open for everyone to see. Employer’s “Googling” applicants on the net to see what they can find out about them. Trying to find out who is the person behind the resume and the interview persona.

But I want one.

Why do I want a blog? It for an outlet for the muse inside me? Because my brother is doing it? Am I so pretentious to think that someone will read what I say?

Whatever the reason, I have done it. I now have my own blog. This might be the one and only post, you never know. Now everyone will find out that I can not spell and maybe a little more about myself and DA Mestlers.

1 comment:

mestler said...

Well well well, look who decided to join the rest of us geeks!!!

i like it!