Sunday, February 18, 2007

New Foods

One of the fun things about having a kid are the experiments, I mean watching them try new things. We are finding out that Belle is an adventurous eater at this point. Today she tried a dill pickle and actually ate the whole thing! Another condiment she tried this week was tarter sauce on her fish sticks. She liked it so much she actually ate 3 more fish sticks just to have more sauce! On another note, I would like to officially welcome the NASCAR 2007 season! I have not had that good of a nap since last season! We also bought a new camera this weekend and have been sucessful in capturing a picture of Belle with it!


mestler said...

Wow she is getting big!!! the condiments are the only reason i eat some foods, like broccoli!

speaking of Nascar, do you want to go to Charlotte?

Daniel said...

Renee just sticks her fingers in the condiments and licks it off. We'll give her a hot dog and after a few minutes she's ask for more ketchup and mustard; but none of the hot dog is gone!

Alyson said...

I never realized my brothers liked NASCAR... just one more thing to make fun of you two with. Crazy southerners and your crazy cars racing in circles .. on a different note, I kind of like seeing new pictures of my niece! Keep this up big bro - Think I'll get to see you three over Easter weekend?